About us



CO MIPAZ is the first formal Interfaith Committee in Argentina, with 12 years of work in Cordoba province.
We are interested in shearing the wisdom of our traditions and showing that coexistence in a diverse field is a possible challenge.
We work in an environment of true friendship and cooperation, consolidating a group of men and women, religious and secular, of various ages, with different religions.

We gather periodically to organize and take into action religious, social, educational and cultural projects, such as guided visits, congresses, meetings, mediation processes, press articles and books, participation in public events or councils, interfaith prayers for peace, etc.
We are a non profit, non partisan, independent organization.
We have the support of our religious communities, the different levels of the government, universities, social organizations, media, global interfaith organizations, and several men and women that fell identified with our mission and make our projects have a higher impact in society through their work.

We hope that this initiative
will inspire you to join us
in the construction of better reality.


Our Mission

Promote a culture of peace, working together from the interfaith area, in order to build a more plural, mature and respectful society.

Our Vision

To be a consolidated interfaith organization, as a testimony of fraternity and good coexistence.

To increase the amount of men and women that will know, support and cooperate with our mission.

To build a society with peace in diversity through dialogue and values education.

Our Values

Peace •  Respect • Dialogue • Coexistence • Equality  • Cooperation •

Our History

In 1997 Mounif El Sukaría, the Muslim Imam, and Gabriel Frydman, the Jewish rabbi, met at a public event and started a friendly relation.

In the context of the Iraq – Iran war and the permanent conflicts in Middle East, these leaders decided to create an interfaith organization that worked for peace in the city of Cordoba and everywhere.

For it they called the Evangelical Pastor Fermín Salcedo and they were contacted with the Archbishopric of Cordoba, that appointed the Auxiliary Bishop Roberto Rodriguez to be the Catholic member of this project.

These four representatives of the different monotheist religious confessions created the Interfaith Committee for Peace, signing the statute in June 18, 1998.

In 2002, the Imam Sukaría passed away and in his place assumed Alí Badrán who had been president of the Muslim Arabian Society.  In that epoch Monseigneur Rodriguez was transferred to another diocese, so he was replaced in the Committee by Presbyter Juan José Ribone.  Further on Pastor Salcedo became ill and Pastor Daniel Anonne took his place.  Finally Rabbi Frydman was transferred to Puerto Rico and in representation of the Jewish community assumed Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff.

Our Members

Religious leaders
Pastor Daniel Annone (Evangelic)
Imam Alí Badrán (Muslim)
Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff (Jewish)
Presbyter Pedro Tores (Catholic)


Participating Members
Reverend Father Ieremia Khachatryan (Armenian Apostolic Church)
Juan Carlos Nieto (Baha’i)


Young members

Marcelo Castagno (Catholic)
Soher El Sukaría (Muslim)
Nadir Nifury (Muslim)
Gustavo Olivero (Evangelic)
Andrea de Dubersarsky (Jewish)


Secular members
Jorge Abugauch
Héctor Altube
Mabel Bianconi
Pastor Ricardo Budetta
Patricia Caudana
Aldo Chami
Rosa El Sukaría
Haydée Ferrer de Anonne
Cristina Mercado
Omar Muzza
María A. Pedicino Keuroghcian
Julio Miguel Rodríguez Villafañe
Gladys Ruti
Jihad Sleiman



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